Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come On Canada- Let's be Democratic

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

You know you watch the news sometimes and look at countries where really bad things happens and there are dictators and you wonder "Oh my God!" How did that happen? How did that get so bad. "

Well I feel we are on the cusp of something really bad here. If people really don't stand up and vote this time and make a difference, we are going to be one of those countries that people look at and shake their heads and say "Wow! what happened to Canada!"

I don't want that to happen here! I love Canada. Granted things aren't always perfect, I myself have fallen thru lots of cracks and loopholes in the system but at other times the labour standards act saved me, once when I was a youth and then again later in life when employers tried to take advantage of me.

The health system saved me so I could have a c-section otherwise neither my kid nor I would be here, and there are lots of other great things that I love about Canada and the systems in place.

The systems have for the most part helped me in many ways but there is huge improvement needed in many areas, and where things have gone terribly wrong is when we get a leader in power that creates havoc.

Gordon Campbell did that and has created terrible child poverty, not to mention so many other issues.

Stephen Harper is not good for Canada. He is making Canada sick. He is not for the environment, he is turning the clock back on so many things that were moving forward.

Let's not go back in time folks.

Let's move forward, think open-minded, "treat others as we want to be treated", be transparent, put Climate Change issues at the forefront, all these things that we know are right. 

Please go out and Vote on May 2nd and Keep In Mind the Canada you Want! 

Vote for the Canada we love, because Canada is in danger. Help Save the Canada We LOVE!! 

Quoting from Avaaz- World in Action- Canada -Take Back Democracy

"Canadians, and all the opposition parties, are basically in the same camp on the major issues in this election -- 74% of us want to keep our gun laws, 82% want a UN treaty on climate change, 56% oppose dropping corporate taxes, 69% want one-tier public healthcare, and on and on. Even conservative voters oppose Harper's flagship policies!

It's time to fix our democracy. Above is a new online tool that tells you if you live in a riding where a challenger can defeat Harper's candidate. This tool identifies the leading opposition challenger in each close race -- if enough us come together across party lines to vote for them, Harper loses, and the majority wins. Simple! " See more here

Project Democracy

Quoting from Project Democracy 

"About the Riding Predictions

The riding predictions you see on Project Democracy are based on a model that uses the 2008 election results (with some exceptions noted in specific ridings) and current polling to help voters understand what the public polls probably mean in their constituency" Read More Here 

For the Record- I'm Voting Green, because I believe the Environment is first and foremost because if we don't do something about that, there is NO point to Anything Else. We have to ACT NOW on the environment, there is no more time to wait! It is URGENT! We have to ACT COLLECTIVELY! Now is the time to make a change in the modern world.

Adriane Carr can do that for Vancouver. Elizabeth May can do that! Let them get to Ottawa and fight for us. Vote GREEN Vancouver, let's flip this thing on it's ass and SHOW THEM WE MEAN BUSINESS!!

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