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Around the World in Easy Ways

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In my email today was a link from my Linkedin Group -Travel Geeks, this lady Lisa Shusterman. and her husband took their two daughters around the world for a year! AWESOME!!

This something I am planning for my daughter and me, and I am sure this book will be of great help and I plan to get one shortly.

I have added some links and a few of her blog entries below. Good Luck Lisa!

The blog is so awesome, I  am sure the book has really fab info.

  I need to sit down and write a book about our Adventurez in Mexico - there's so many things that happened that I didn't blog about or that when I re-created  Adventurez in Mexico from the original blog Adventures of Angel - I left out things, so one day I took will write a book.

Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa

I see you do not have Mexico on your itinerary, I'll have to see if you ended up there. Maybe after checking out my blog, you'll check it out. Okay check out her posts, links and info below. (Nope: they didn't go, but WOW, the places they did go)

These kinds of experiences, while your kids may not remember them all, will impact and imprint their lives incredibly.

Your daughters will make incredible ambassadors and peacekeepers as they will have such high levels of openenss and understanding of different cultures. 

Seeing all the different landscapes and environments, they can be wonderful spokeswoman and protectors of this planet.

And boy do we need kids like this right now. They are our only hope. They WILL save this planet, because they've seen, they understand it and they LOVE it from all the wonderful things they've experienced.

Around the World in Easy Ways
Around the World in Easy Ways
by Lisa Shusterman.

The Shusterman. Family

Cataratas del Iguazu, Argentina

By travelinlisa | Published March 8, 2011

Recently I read a list of reasons to travel around the world. In all honesty, I didn’t find the list all that compelling. I figured, if I was going to be critical of someone else’s list, I should attempt to create a list of my own that at least I find more motivating. Hopefully you will too…

10. It’s a big world out there. Explore more than your own backyard.

9. It’s a small world after all. Visit other countries while they still have their own languages and culture. The future may not provide that opportunity.

8. If you travel around the world, you only have to buy one way tickets. There’s a cost savings in there somewhere.

7. Meet people from all over and discover how wonderful they are, where ever you go.

6. Create the opportunity to “vacate” your life. Leave behind your routine to discover a new way of living, even if just for a short period of time.

5. Discover the simplicity of living without mail, a phone, an answering machine, a job, a schedule, school, extra-curricular activities…

4. Experience a life without “stuff.” Where the contents of one suitcase is all you own and where the contents of one suitcase is all you really need.

3. To say you’ve been to all seven continents; have been to 50% of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; 75% of the 1000 Places to See Before You Die or whatever list you might hold in high esteem.

2. To learn more about yourself, your travel partners and the world, than you ever will staying at home.

1. To discover the truth that in the end, it’s not how much money you have, how much stuff you have accumulated or how many hours you worked that counts. It’s the interactions you have with people and the relationships (even if temporary) you create, that make the difference in our lives.


If you are thinking about long term travel, this book is for you. If you are curious about how to plan a journey of this magnitude, this book is for you. Or if you want to vicariously enjoy someone else’s travel adventure, this book is for you.

People are choosing to make long term travel part of their lives: empty nesters, ready to stop putting their life on hold for their kids and start living their personal dream, individuals taking a sabbatical year, those between jobs seizing the opportunity to see more of the world, homeschoolers who are incorporating extensive travel into their curriculum. Maybe hitting the road is related to your work. Maybe you don’t fit into any of these categories but you’ve decided to live out a lifelong desire of extended travel. If you are planning a long term trip, you will find the information in this book invaluable.


People thought we were crazy when we told them we were taking a year off to travel around the world. Who takes a year off to travel? I guess if we were retired with grown children and independently wealthy, they might have looked at us differently. But no, we are not retired, we have elementary school age twin daughters and we are definitely not rich. So what ever made us think of such a bizarre idea, and more importantly, what ever made us think that we could pull it off?

June 10-11 Dallas/Ft. Worth (Only way out on those FREE tickets)
June 12-July 2 Netherlands
July 3-July 21 Poland
July 22 Czech Republic (Only way to get to Dubrovnik cheap)
July 23-August 7 Croatia
August 8-August 25 Slovenia
August 26-September 25 Italy
September 26-October 18 Tanzania/Zanzibar
October 19-November 8 India
November 9-November 24 Thailand
November 25-December 8 Laos
December 9-December 20 Thailand (We had such a good time the first time -- We're back)
December 21-January 9 China
January 10-February 8 Australia/Tasmania
February 9-March 8 New Zealand
March 8-March 12 Tahiti
March 13-March 17 Rapa Nui (Easter Island for you plebians)
March 17-April 5 Chile
April 6-April 22 Argentina
April 23-May 4 Uruguay
May 5-May 25 Ecuador
May 26-June 1 Sun City Center, Florida (Bubie Stop)
June 2 Home

Check out these Blog links, awesome photos, the book will be great, much easier than reading alot of info on the web.

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