Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Be Sure to Check Out Dancing With the Octopus

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Be Sure to Check this Blog Dancing with the Octopus and Follow these Women!! 

Dancing with the Octopus-How to Treat Women in Politics


Our wannabe Lady Politician, Kaitlin Fontana, takes advice from savvy women politicians and learns what it means to be a Big Deal. Produced and directed by Sandy Mayzell and Leanne Allen.

Dancing with the Octopus is the brainchild of filmmaker Sandy Mayzell, who launched the project when she realized she couldn’t sit on the sidelines and gripe about exclusion any longer, but had to do something to help get women’s voices heard in politics.

Why were those voices so badly under-represented?

Sandy's investigation began at the 2009 Women's Campaign School (sponsored by the Canadian Women Voters Congress) in Vancouver

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Sandy Mayzell & Leanne Allen

Sandy Mayzell-Octopus Creator, Writer, Director, Producer
Leanne Allen- Writer, Director, Producer
Dancing with Octopus Blog
@dance_octopus Canada
An entertaining, 8-tentacled media project that takes a non-partisan look at the systemic exclusion of women in politics in Canada and abroad.


Dancing with the Octopus Web Promo #1 from May Street Productions on Vimeo.

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