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Tina Winterlik- Social Media Manager

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What's a Social Media Manager So maybe you know this or maybe you don't but for almost a year now I've been calling myself a Social Media Super Hero.

The reason being is that last year when I was just learning all this stuff after arriving home from 5 months in Mexico, I needed to find work.

Now I knew that Social Media was getting big but I was still learning alot as I had actually been in Mexico the winter before as well.

During that time I had to limit my internet use, to posting on my blog "Adventures of Angel" (which is now private) and using Skype to call home and send a few emails, but the blog was basically for letting people know what we were doing.

When I got home I rebuilt the entire blog and created Adventurez in Mexico- The Movie which is actually 74 videos- consisting of videos, photos from our 2 winters in Mexico and then set to music. I used Animoto and I was pretty darn thrilled to learn about them and to use their service.

Currently though I have over 500 videos on Youtube - Fairyfotoslady's Channel 

I'm actually loading all the videos from Adventurez in Mexico- The Movie to Vimeo because I don't like the way they lay out on my blog, you watch one and then click older posts, so Vimeo will be better.

So I knew I needed to learn more Social Media if I was to promote my New Blog - Adventurez in Mexico and the Movie. Hence the name Social Media Super Hero as I was looking for something catchy to hopefully pull people to my blog where I could tell them what I knew.

In the fall I took a Social Media Course at Emily Carr from Rebecca Coleman. I learned how to Twitter and create MailChimp Newsletters, two areas I was lacking but I pretty much knew the rest, except I learned some snazzy Marketing terms like ROI,  Touchpoint & Branding and I got a copy of Rebecca's book

Fast forward almost a year from the time I created my Social Media Super Hero Blog and what you see are job postings and  people looking for or calling themselves Social Media Specialist, Social Media Expert, Social Media Maven, I even went to an interview for a Social Media Superstar.

So that's how I came up with the name Social Media Super Hero   way before a lot of these...At first I was just fooling around, as I was worried people would think unfavourably of it, but now I do take it seriously because I believe we can all be Social Media Super Heros!

Social Media is such an AMAZING phenomenon. It crosses all cultures and brings them together (if they chose) and like one of my daughter's videos- Barbie and the Pegasus - there is a  Staff- Magic Wand, that can not be used in anger or it doesn't work.

I think Social Media is like that, Social Media has Incredible Powers when used for Good!

Social Media has POWER! And when used for good Miraculous things can happen. So we can all use are Social Media Super Hero Powers for good and I know wondrous things will happen.

*Side Note: Social Media puts you in Control. It levels the playing field. It's a Do It Yourself Marketing Plan, unless you are too busy and not interested in doing it yourself, then you hire a Social Media Manager. 

** Do It Yourself- My little girl just asked me to help get her a screwdriver so she could fix something. I was going to help but she wanted to do it herself. That brought back an old memory. I told her of when I was 10 my mom & dad bought me a Captains Bed from Sears. They were too busy trying to run a campground, gas station and restaurant to set it up for me. So I did it myself. I guess that's just me.

I don't like to wait for anyone to do it for me, I want to do it myself.

So back to what we were talking about I curious what comes up when you google these.
Social Media Manager,  Social Media Manager Vancouver
Social Media Maven, Social Media Maven Vancouver
Social Media Specialist, Social Media Specialist Vancouver
Social Media Superstar, Social Media Superstar Vancouver
Social Media Super Hero, Social Media Super Hero Vancouver
Social Media Superhero. Social Media Super Hero Vancouver 

Let's try a little example here. I googled Social Media Manager Vancouver - remember I told you it's new term- look what I got.
Google Search -Social Media Manager - Vancouver -April 2/2011 5:47 pm PST

So I am as curious as you, if this will work. One thing I have always said, and I discovered this over the years of building websites and creating blogs, is that Google grabs your blog, before a website, unless it's the exact title, but I can usually end up on the first page somewhere, so let's see what happens. The reason is the blog has new info all the time, and Google likes new info.

So let's explore that term a little more, I Googled Social Media Manager

Google Search - Social Media Manager- April 2/2011 5:53 pm PST

So what is a Social Media Manager- Let's Ask Wikipedia

Social Media Management is the business related function of managing multiple social media channels for the purposes of marketing communication, reputation protection, and customer acquisition.

The practice utilizes the internet technology of social media to talk directly to individual customers and create a level of brand involvement and loyalty not possible with traditional media strategies.

It reaches beyond marketing and into functions such as sales, human resources, and project management.

Social Media Management was not formerly introduced in the workplace until late 2007, as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter grew to extremely large user counts.

It's importance became more universally recognized for its effectiveness during the 2008 presidential election in which Barack Obama was able to mobilize a massive proportion of young population using a far reaching social media campaign.

*Hmmm, this is super interesting, I love Wikipedia, I didn't know this because we were in Mexico when this all happened.

Twitter and Facebook were used to mobilize young voters and several debates were held using questions posed in the form of YouTube videos.[1]

Rise In Marketing
A number of companies began utilizing social media networks as a way to inexpensively communicate directly with their customers.

Facebook, in particular, allowed for businesses to target ads according to a number of very specific demographic characteristics. As businesses became more active a number of free and subscription based web applications were developed to help teams plan marketing efforts, track their campaigns, measure effectiveness, and engage customers across multiple networks.

Marketing agencies began to develop departments dedicated to social media in order to serve the growing demand for a social presence in marketing.

As the field grew, it became important for businesses to be more active and dedicate entire teams to social media marketing, establishing the role of a Social Media Manager. This was initially restricted to marketing.[2]


A Social Media Manager is responsible for directing a company's social media strategy.[6] The position is typically responsible for:
  • Coordinating social media campaigns
  • Managing existing customer relationships
  • Acting as an advocate of social media integration within the company's strategy
  • Providing benchmarks and analyzing user data, including demographics and brand involvement
  • Promoting sales and commerce through social media channels
  • Monitoring the competition and industry trends, specifically their online marketing efforts
  • Posting job openings and actively recruiting potential candidates
  • Recording and reporting feedback to internal teams to help mold overall strategy and exploit opportunities
So Since am Self- Employed, I do all these things, so the title definitely fits. (  ;) but I think Social Media Super Hero does have a nicer ring to it ;)

Community Manager--?
The community manager has a similar role to the Social Media Manager, but with a more narrow focus. They are responsible for managing communications between the company and its customers, specifically through social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter.[7] They would likely handle the following:
  • Responding to customer feedback, reviews, and questions
  • Proactively contacting prospective customers
  • Building relationships with vendors and suppliers
  • Generating content and consumer targeted promotions
  • Engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate
  • Building an active brand ambassador network to spread the word about the company’s websites, services and products
I don't know why this has a such a strange title, it doesn't seem to fit at all and I believe that it falls under the Social Media Manager

A Vice President of Social Media is generally responsible for a company’s external online business presence in relation to a variety of functions including marketing, sales, human resources, and project management.[8] Their team reaches beyond the scope of a single department and aims to add value to multiple channels why increasing efficiencies.

Personally I still think this is wrapped up under the Social Media Manager and well I think these terms need re-defining. As I mentioned this is all new stuff and people are just making up names and assigning duties.

Let's check out Social Media Maven
Google Search- Social Media Maven- April 2/2011 6:07 pm PST

How about Social Media Specialist
Google Search -Social Media Specialist- April 2/2011 6:10 pm PST

What about Social Media Specialist Vancouver
Google Search- Social Media Specialist Vancouver- April 2/ 2011 6:13 pm PST

Let's try Social Media Superstar
Google Search- Social Media Superstar- April 2/2011 6:15 pm PST

Well of course, we have to try Social Media Superstar Vancouver
Google Search - Social Media Superstar Vancouver- April 2/2011 6:18 pm PST

So now let's try my blog title Social Media Super Hero
Google Search - Social Media Super Hero- April 2/2011 6:28 pm PST

So that's pretty good, I'm 3rd on the page. Please note the person below me claimed the Facebook page Social Media Super Hero- So they obviously thought it was a fitting name too! (Just remember that's not me)

Now if we just join the words Social Media Super Hero together like in Social Media Superhero, look what happens, I go below that other guy on facebook...hmmm, wonder why.

Social Media Super Hero
Google Search- Social Media Superhero- April 2/2011 6:35 pm PST

Social Media Superhero Vancouver
 Google Search -Social Media Superhero Vancouver - April 2/2011 pm PST

Social Media Super Hero Vancouver

Okay so for this last one I joined two printscreens together so I could show you better that I'm on most of the page but these MLM Superhero sneaks in first.

Okay the point of all this is, I want to see if in the next while when people type any of the following terms:
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Manager Vancouver
  • Social Media Maven
  • Social Media Maven Vancouver
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist Vancouver
  • Social Media Superstar
  • Social Media Superstar Vancouver
  • Social Media Super Hero
  • Social Media Super Hero Vancouver
  • Social Media Superhero
  • Social Media Super Hero Vancouver

in these terms I come up. So let's see what happens shall we. Hopefully Tina Winterlik Social Media Manager, or Tina Winterlik Social Media Specialist will come up. We already know that Tina Winterlik Social Media Super Hero comes up. 

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