Friday, April 15, 2011

#MomtheVote- Mommy Bloggers Uniting!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

In the Globe and Mail today, here is a Super Interesting Article
Mommy Bloggers Flexing their Vote

"Canadian mom bloggers who are trying to galvanize their ranks, using the new Twitter hashtag #momthevote to organize discussions around election issues online.
Globe & Mail - #MomtheVote

The article talks about Karen Green- who is a "Mom blogger- are considered one of the most powerful blocs in North America, who when mobilized can fuel ferocious viral consumer campaigns around diapers, pain killers and other products. Ms. Green, who blogs at The Kids Are Alright

Karen Green- The Kids are Alright

"Ms. Green’s first use of the slogan, on April 6, was: “Do you know who you're voting for? Do you know each of the parties' stand on family issues? We need to #momthevote.”"

Mom Voters are being encouraged to change your profile photo to this

Here is the link to Facebook!/pages/Mom-The-Vote/213410702017653
 From Mom The Vote - Facebook info page
April 2011
Because this isn't kids' stuff
Share election information, news, campaign updates and yes, even opinions through social media channels. We've already rocked the vote - now it's time to Mom it.
A place to disseminate family-relevant Election 2011 information

This is so super cool, I definitely have concerns and issues and collectively us Moms do have a ton of power so I really excited to be apart of this. 

I have to run now...I have to go change my profile button and facebook and tweet this. Bye!!

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