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#momthevote - So What do the Moms Think?

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Twitter - Use #momthevote

Mom the vote – because this isn’t kids’ stuff.

Reading the comments on Facebook, some moms thought that the NDP Statement on #momthevote, " was nice they recognized us but found it condescending." (I agree!)
We already take parenting issues very seriously, the reason for  #momthevote to get everyone talking so we can chose the best candidate. You can thank Karen Green for that. ;) Thanks Karen!!

It's cool that they recognize the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!! And that by Uniting in this way we have SERIOUS SOCIAL MEDIA SUPER HERO POWERS!!

There are some other excellent videos a the bottom of this very long blopost ;) Sorry, but this is a very serious issue and I want to address it the best I can.

I'm not trying to give myself a plug here, it's just that in this video I made a little while ago, I explain Social Media and talk about Social Media Super Hero Powers  The really interesting thing about this video, was just after I made it all the amazing things that happened in Egypt took place and it just consummated the whole kit and kaboodle for me. I think everyone really woke up to Social Media in a Huge way after that. Anyways below it the NDP's statement.

Statement from the NDP

My Opinions
I'll be open and state that in the past I have supported NDP, but I am really feeling Green right now. I used to vote a certain way because I didn't want the other guy to get it, but this time I feel that Green is really speaking to me. That said I haven't actually heard Elizabeth May speak and so that may change it, and I have a lot more research to do.

I like this from the Green Party

Green Party

Share the load. More people working fewer hours. For those who want to, make it easier to telecommute or work from home. Share jobs. Flex hours. Flexible child care with access for all. Early childhood education. More workplace child care spaces.

Support for those who stay home to raise their children and support for those who need to get back to work while their kids are still young.

I like this from the NDP
NDP Party

Helping Lift Children and Families out of Poverty

* As a practical first step to eliminate child poverty, we will combine existing supports like the Child Tax Benefit to create a non-taxable Child Benefit and increase the support steadily by up to $700 per child over the next four years. This will be in addition to the current Universal Child Care Benefit;
* We will table legislation that will set goals and targets for poverty reduction in consultation with the provincial, territorial, municipal and Aboriginal governments and with non-governmental organizations.

Now if Jack Layton could seriously promise he could raise the Child Care Benefits to $700 a month, well that would help alot, but that's 4 years in the coming. I want that NOW!!  We need something like this right now. I would like them to go in and Tax the corporations and the Politicans or somehow Create Incentives for these big Corporations and people who make huge amounts of money, to share the love, to Give It Away, to help children that are HUNGRY! and help our future.

Kids that don't eat well, don't grow well. Their brains won't have the same potential. Granted the human being is amazing at surviving, but in most cases they are more prone to illness. 

It's not only that, it's really about Dignity, or loss of it -  
Dignity Project

Often children growing up in homes of poverty have lower self esteem and that leads to some many issues later in life. Not only that they have worries all the time. When you have to count the days til you get paid and make sure the milk will last, or there's no juice, you will have to wait 2 more days...families living like this have too much stress and it makes the children stressed. It shouldn't be this way. There are lots of solutions available they just need to be implemented.

Look at anyone who came out of the depression and tells you stories of how they had nothing to eat, many led very unhealthy lives all stemming from childhood poverty. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!  

We go in and feed children of other countries (and I totally support that) but we aren't helping the children right here in Canada. 

Helping people with food and shelter has to be the basic right of ALL CANADIANS! but especially the children.

We Need to make Children the PRIORITY!! not the minority!
Our kids, they're hungry, groceries are REALLY EXPENSIVE!! So many people need help and it's so shockingly sad that Canada even has an issue like this. 

The children are not hungry just for food, but art, dance, music, green space, a Healthy Revamped Education System 
(Edible Schoolyards)

I want to Vote for a Government that totally supports the Four Years.Go Dream-
"To Bring Forth An Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfilling, Socially Just Human Presence On This Planet"

A Call For Our Time: The Story of The Pachamama Alliance (2010) from Pachamama Alliance on Vimeo.

You Can Read More about #momthevote and Mommy Bloggers Uniting on my blogpost here.
Karen Green started it all and I am SO GLAD she did!! Kudos my girl! Big Kudos!

 Quoting from Karen Greens Blog- The Kids are Alright.
"We came up with Mom The Vote is to help spread relevant election information to all the other parents out there, and to show the Canadian politicians that we're paying attention. So add this button to your blog or election-related posts

Mom the vote – because this isn’t kids’ stuff.

and use the #momthevote hashtag on twitter. We have a voice, and it's strong. Let's use it! "

Well it's nearly 1am, I have to get to bed, should probably edit this huge post, but hope you'll forgive me and get the gist of it all. I LOVE CANADA  & KIDS and I'm just trying to stand up for both!!

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