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Macarldie & The Jazz All Stars

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Macarldie and the Jazz Allstars fusing Jazz and Caribbean music 
Harold (ploomie)Lewis        Bass ands vocals
Mervyn Jackman                 Drums
Lavaun Rhodes                   Saxophones
Raul Hernandez                   Drums and Percussion
Loye Hawkins                    Vocals
Mzuri Moyo                       Vocals
Jus Cynthia                         Vocals
Macarldie & the Jazz All Stars

Macarldie Promo Video

Macarldie performs on Steel Drums, Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, and Vocals. He takes a style rooted in his native Tortola, Virgin Islands, lathers it with the polyphonic, polyrhythmic sound of Miami, and sautés it with keys, Saxophone, Guitars and Percussion creating powerful music that sounds like funky Senegalese bossa nova.

Singing Old Lady "At Last"

As a child growing up in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Macarldie performed religious music with his Father and siblings.


His teenage years found him in nightclubs and hotels performing the Island standards and top 40 hits of America and the Caribbean.

After moving to the United States, he studied Jazz and Classical piano and Vocals at "Florida Atlantic University" and began performing throughout the states.

Macarldie on Piano

Macarldie is a Multi Instrumentalist and phenomenal Vocalist and performs live on Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Steel Drums and Vocals. His vocal stylings are a fusion of Jazz, Caribbean and Pop blended with a touch of Rap and Poetry.

He has fused the sounds of all the music he enjoys into a coherent sound.

Macarldie has been a sideman with many musical greats including Ernest Wranglin, Othello Molyneaux, Chris Valdala and many more. He has toured with the "Natty Love Joys" and has opened for "Gregory Isaacs", "Chuck Mangione" and the late great "Dizzy Gillespie".

Macarldie has now formed the group Macarldie & the Jazz Allstars

Take The Train

Blue Bossa

"Angel Eyes" Jazz Piano

Macarldie jamming on the jazz standard "Angel Eyes" with two of his buddies; Ploomie and Brian Baudrit



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Macarldie said...


Anonymous said...

For Macarldie

A smile as big as a mile
A smile as big as a mile
A smile as big as a mile
Is what i see
When I think of my brother Macarldie
Always an encouraging word
Always an encouraging word
Always an encouraging word
Is what I heard
when I talked with my brother Macarldie
Tall. black, and proud,
I call your name out loud
"Macarldie", musical warrior, son of Africa, child of Light!
Your spiritual wings have just begun to take flight
To the highest of heights
To spread your love across the heavens
So that it may rain down upon us as tears of joy

He left us too soon, some will say
But destiny had her way
And now he has to play his music in the spiritual sky
Where it will fly on angels wings
As he sings of peace, joy and unity
Yes, we'll miss you in the community
But we'll never forget what you gave us
Through your hands on the piano
Your lyrics of wisdom
Your melodies on the steel pan
Man, you were awesome!
And I'll think of you often
And remember how you shined your light, so bright
For alll to see
Now you're free
Free to spread your energy endlessly
Throughout the universe!

May your memory live long
May your songs live on
My strong, beautiful black brother of the Sun
Your next life has just begun!............

By Marijah

Tina Winterlik said...

Marijah - I just saw this now. It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it! Tina :)

Suzette said...

Wow Tina...

You have a lot of good things on here.

I hope this site comes up in Google search engines.

Thanks for posting it on Facebook.


Tina Winterlik said...

Hey Suzette I just saw this now. I think it will come up. Just share it alot and then people will find it. take great care :)