Thursday, April 28, 2011

35% rise- High Turnout in Early Voting

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Well the World is watching Canada. I think we will be a wonderful example of what we CAN DO if we stick together. If we really let Democracy work for us, we can turn things around and set the example for other Nations.

Egypt was a fabulous example of what Social Media can do, and with Elizabeth May shut out of the debates, it's up to each and everyone of us to make sure that people see her platform so that everyone has the opportunity to make the most informed choice possible. 

High Turnout in Early Voting
More than two million Canadians have cast early votes ahead of the 2 May general election, marking a 35% rise compared with the 2008 election, officials have said.
Elections Canada said the number indicated a strong turnout but warned the count was only preliminary, with not all polling stations reporting.

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