Saturday, April 16, 2011

Commercials ARE BRAINROT

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

I've always said commercials are brainrot. I have tried so hard but they are impossible for my daughter and I to avoid. She totally understands that McDonalds is not healthy and will not eat there, but she loves the toys people her give her from there. (And she gets it, I tell her about media and marketing but it's hard for an 8 year, as wise as she is for her age.)

We used to watch tons of Treehouse, I loved it because there were no ads, but we don't get that channel and she's older and now she'll often see a movie on YTV. YTV is HORRIBLE for BRAINROT.  We try to watch videos but we can't always.

Hundreds of commercials in the time for one movie, we try muting them but still they are there. Where is their ethically responsibility. Sure it's up to us as parents, but why don't the television stations take a stand here.

We went to the movie the other day to see HOP and it had tons of commercials at the beginning

We try to limit the ads we are exposed to, but still they are all over the computer. We go outside, every store, it's really sick, and now as this video says "there willl be consequences", it's obvious there already are.

WARNING- there's a very graphic video game scene in this video, it's horrific what people watch and think " it's not real, it's just animated, so it's okay."

Their brain is still impacted, all that negative action and energy, it's really hurting kids, young adults, adults. It's so SAD & SCARY!

When will people wake up to this. I learned about this back in the early 90's in my psychology course at Selkirk College, here we are 20+ years and it's just gotten worse and people are pretty obliviously to it.

Most peoples attitude is "Well what can we do"

Well we better do something! And soon!

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