Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cultural Curation

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Cultural Curation, I love that term. Read below Rebecca Coleman's experience, I believe it's a very common theme these days and it's wonderful and special. I know I love looking at old photos, and the home movies my dad made are SO special, as he died when I young, but he made those memories for me.

I may not have really remembered all the things he documented if I didn't have those movies to look at and thus trigger the memories. Even the photos of my grandmas house in Vancouver and watching it be built. I am glad my grandfather was good photographer and took all those photos. They are like gold to me. 

 Rebecca tells about and conference she went to recently and some points the Keynote speaker made. To Quote Rebecca...

"A couple of weeks back, at the #Eat.Drink.Tweet conference, the keynote was delivered by a guy named Rick Bakas, whose claim to fame is that he was the very first Director of Social Media in the wine industry ...

Rick Bakas

"legacy of thoughts, photos and even conversations he would be leaving to his own grandchildren via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr: a kind of cultural curation, he called it. "
 Quoting Rebecca-
"It’s pretty cool when you think about it. My son is growing up in a time where I’ll often hear him say “Hey, Mom, take a picture of this and put it on Facebook.”

And he even knows how to do that himself. 
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