Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Decorate Easter Eggs

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011


Saturday -Only 15 days til Easter, I heard over and over by one very excited little cherub. The count down has begun. Last year we were in Oaxaca Mexico and we enjoyed celebrating Semana Santa/Holy Week it in a very different way than Canada does, but I like to keep both the Mexican and Canadian traditions alive and strong. So we brought out all the bunnies and some eggs and baskets and said..."Let the decorating begin!"

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Special Thanks to Duckett for the music.

Another Girl (instrumental) 3:12
by Duckett

Also to Deserres, we love your store!
Deserres Design an Egg Project

Just a note about the plastic eggs, I know it's not green, but right now I have this wicked cold and a really bad earache that I got because we ended up waiting along time for the bus the other day, out in the cold and wind, when we went to visit a dear dear relative in the hospital.

This earache is sort of making me CraZy, but hopefully it will be gone soon.  Has to do with my sinuses.

Needless to say I can not blow any eggs right now, and I wanted to share this experience with my girl. We never seem to eat the eggs we make and you can't paint them.

These little keepsakes I can keep for years and treasure. So that's why plastic eggs, guess I could have got paper ones, but these caught my eye and were just S2.49.  So there you go. Next time I will try harder and we will make the eggs from paper mache. I actually tried that once, they didn't turn out so good. There's an art to it. :)

Getting ready to decorate eggs.  Photo by Tina Winterlik  © 2011

Pretty sequin flowers.  Photo by Tina Winterlik  © 2011

My Decorated Egg.  Photo by Tina Winterlik  © 2011

My daughter's decorated egg. It's a mouse or as she says "A Mougg"! Photo by Tina Winterlik  © 2011

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