Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green- Not a Throw Away Vote

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I've been following along on Twitter on the #momthevote and I had read this article before, but I wanted to re-visit it again. Maureen makes some really good points and I hope you will take a minute and read what she has to say.
Not a Throw Away Vote

Voting Green Is Not A Waste
Why My Vote Isn't Being Thrown Away
by Maureen Turner

Quoting Maureen -
"When you vote for a party, you are telling them that you believe in what they are saying. If you just voted for them to oust the other party, they don’t know that you are still not satisfied. They assume that a vote for them is a vote FOR their policies.

When you vote for The Green Party, they get $1.75 for every vote and that will help to support them and make them stronger for the next election. 

When you vote Green, you are telling the big parties “I’m not happy with you”.  

When you vote Green, you let people know that green policies are important."

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